My Gaudy Christmas

Last Christmas, I was sad.  I was heartbroken.  Although we still had decorations up, the trees twinkling and sparkling on November 1st, artificial snow on the windows, Santa and his reindeer out in the yard and lights flashing in various rooms – it was still a halfhearted attempt at celebrating Christmas  – especially our first Christmas in our new house.  This year – I am determined to make a change!

My house looks like it was attacked by a wild tribe of elves hopped up on eggnog.  There’s tinsel garland… everywhere.  Everywhere. I have Christmas lights running across the ceiling of my living room across the walls and around my windows.  There are stockings, red bows, nutcrackers, a leg lamp, a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, two Advent calendars and of course… the most gorgeous nativity I have ever seen.  I have officially lost count of how many Christmas trees we have up – each of varying size, shape and location.  I made a wreath for the wall near our stairs – it’s 40 inches wide….. who does that? Apparently I do 🙂  The Elf on the Shelf sits patiently waiting for December 1st to roll around and his job to kick into action! I would be lying if I said that that was all of our decorations – that’s pretty much just what I can see from where I sit on the couch typing this!  We haven’t even touched on the outside of the house with the big inflatable snowman, the even bigger inflatable Santa, the reindeer and sleigh with another Santa, more snowmen, a few extra reindeer, bulbs and lights in the trees and icicle lights from the gutters.

Decorating for Christmas makes me happy.  I love the smile on my kids faces when we light up the Christmas tree for the first time each year.  I adore the smile I see everyday after that when they turn the lights on and the house begins to glow.  I love that I am in no hurry for my kids to grow up and lose that innocence that makes Christmas such a magical time of year.  I love being able to see Christmas through the eyes of my children.

So, this year I am not sad anymore.  I am no longer heartbroken.  I have accepted that life has continued to move forward and I have moved forward as well.  I have once again embraced the twisted little elf that lives in the back of my mind who tells me that staple gunning tinsel to my walls is a normal thing! My house is decorated in such a ridiculous manner that gaudy is the only word that comes to mind…. and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Merry Christmas from our gaudy house to yours!!

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