The smell of love…..

I am the kind of person who loves to smell things.  I’m the girl who picks up books at the thrift store and holds them to her nose to breath in the scent that years of life have given to the pages. I’m the one who savors the hint of lilac in the air when I drive with my windows open in the spring. I could spend time just sitting in a shoe store soaking up the smell of that fresh leather, completely unaware of the shoes around me as I have no sense when it comes to footwear….. but that’s another blog entry! Fresh cut grass will always remind me of those last spring days of school when your mind had left for summer vacation long before your body was permitted to.  Mixes of roses and carnations and various other flowers will always smell like funerals to me, and therefore, will always make me smile by their mere beauty and break my heart, just a little, by the memories those smells hold.  In the same way, warm pine needles and fresh clean water will always remind me of Alpena and make me smile despite myself.

There is one smell that will always hold a special place for me and that is the smell of “love.” To me, love smells like grease and diesel fuel. Love smells like sweat and dirt and oil.  It smells like a hot garage in the middle of summer when the smell of rubber and fuel hang in the air just waiting to make my soul smile.   It’s transmission fluid and coolant with the lingering smell of old cigarettes.  That’s love.  It is the smell of hard work, determination, exhaustion, safety …. fun. I could stand there and breath that scent in all day long ……..

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