Silver Linings

I’m a silver lining searcher. To be honest, it’s what keeps me from throwing in the towel some days.  Tonight, the silver linings weren’t hard to find.

I have a lot of vomiting in my house. Vomiting and pooping. Yep, I said it! I know that a lot of kids on the spectrum have “gut” problems, but, couple that with the normal “bugs” that 5 kids  bring home as well as the fact that my oldest (one of the two that is not on the spectrum) has a fairly severe anxiety disorder and, well, you can just imagine.  So, there is a lot of vomit. There’s vomiting with poop, vomiting without poop, vomiting because of a lack of pooping and vomiting because of too much of the medicine that is supposed to help with the lack of pooping. I’m tired just thinking about it.

So, I hear the tell tale “I threw up” from Joshua’s room and I sigh.  I go in to access the situation and it’s bad. Only a person who has a loft bed, in a small room, with the ladder very close to the wall, can truly grasp the gravity of the situation I walked into.  Josh had tried to make it out of his bed before the inevitable happened, but, hadn’t quite made it.  He had, however, succeeded in covering two shelves, every step of the ladder, two walls, the curtains. the side of the bed frame, the carpet, tons of school papers and a host of other floor fodder with the smelliest “ugh!” I have encountered in quite a while!

Now, the silver linings! Joshua only threw up once – thank God!  The walls washed down really easily and probably needed it anyway. The curtains are homemade so they were tossed into the wash without a second thought. Speaking of the wash, I hadn’t switched loads yet, so, it took me only 2 minutes to be ready to whisk away everything that now needed to be washed!  I have been procrastinating cleaning that area of his room and, now, I didn’t need to – I just threw most things in the trash because they were beyond salvaging.  I had lots of paper towels, Lysol with bleach and lemon scented Lysol so I was able to be a germ killing machine and take care of the smell all at once! Joshua also managed to miss the turtle tank, which, is a huge massive silver lining in itself! (The turtle agrees with me on that one!) And finally, if I hadn’t had to take the garbage bag of debris all the way down to the road, I would have missed seeing the beautiful starry night’s sky, hearing the wonderful silence interrupted only by my wind chimes, and seeing an ever so brief shooting star.  Magical.

Papertowels – $1.50, Lysol- $2.50 – turning your sons projectile vomiting  into a night full of reasons to be grateful, beautiful silent moments and silver linings …… priceless.



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