Do you save a drowning grub?

Another chilly morning starts off another rainy day and all these little men are looking at me as though they have no idea what to do with themselves.  Several of the kids and I decide that the flooded front yard is too tempting to resist and we dash outside to play in the water before the sky opens up yet again.  Is there anything more precious than naked little toes squishing around in the yard as grass and rain give way to the soggy mud underneath? Squeals of joy mixed with the splashes of puddles make me forget about the neighbors who might be watching, the cars driving by and my own age as I too jump up and down in the ice cold pond that our front yard has become.  We splash and run around wondering if we are foolish to be outside in such weather or if everyone else is foolish for being inside.

Joshua starts making a path for the water to flow down the hill in the yard.  He meticulously maps out the trail he wants it to follow and manipulates the earth to accomplish his task.  Soon Zachary and Lucas are on their hands and knees helping out as well.  By now we have given up any hope of not getting our clothing soaked and are just hoping to keep dry enough as to not make moving around in our sopping clothes too difficult.  Joey at nearly 2 is still outside playing and laughing and I stop for a moment wondering if it is too cold for such a little guy to be out side in the rain.  I decide to listen to the voice in me that reminds me that he isn’t going to catch his death from a little rain and let him continue with his fun. There will be plenty of dry days where he can play in the dirt, but, not nearly enough days to play in the mud!

As we work on our streams, and try to keep the rain river running in the right direction, the waters start to recede and the yard begins to dry up.  Lucas, at 4, decides a rain dance is in order and takes the matter into his own hands.  What follows is a series of wildly animated jumps and spins while he scream “Rain Rain Rock and Roll” at the tops of his lungs.  As he sang and danced, the rain started to pour down again and I saw the amazement that my little boy’s eyes held.  For one moment, he was magic, he controlled the rain and had commanded it to fall!  He smiled with his entire body and went back about his work controlling the stream with as much zeal as he had controlled the rain itself.

So, now we get to the grub.  As we played in the over saturated grass, which was becoming more mud and less grass by the second, we found a drowning grub.  Do you save a drowning grub?  Most people would probably say no, in fact I’m sure there are may people out there who spend their good hard earned money buying products to kill the very grubs that I now watched struggle to live.  Also, it is not lost on me that there are many days that the kids dig up worms in the back yard and feed them to the chickens.  Worms who were minding their own business doing their own thing and now they were chicken food.  Yet, here was this chubby squirmy completely unattractive grub who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  So, we saved him. We actually wound up saving several of them and a worm as well.  I want my kids to be the kind of kids who save drowning grubs and the only way to teach them that is to save them myself.  We are all grubs in this world, at least in someone’s eyes.  I know that if I ever found myself drowning, I would hope someone would save me too.

So, I guess the answer is yes…. yes, you save the drowning grub.

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  1. Leah Rowe says:

    Love, love, love that story! Wish I would have driven by and caught a glimpse. I understand the grub dilemma. Last week the kids and I spent a rainy day with my brother at the Fredrick Meijer Sculpture Garden. Earth worms where struggling exposed along the paths and yes we saved every one we came across! So I agree, save the slug!

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