Falling in love with fall

The air is crisp and the darkness is starting to creep in earlier and earlier each night.  Jackets are being pulled from storage as are cozy pajamas and fleece blankets.  Pumpkins are being carved and seeds slowly roasted in the oven.  The trees are bare now and the ground is covered in the kind of beauty that can only been found in freshly fallen leaves.

Leaves…. is there anything more magical?  Okay – snow if fabulous too, but, this is Michigan and I could have anywhere from 24 hrs to 2 months before I see my first snow of the season so lets just cherish the leaves for now!  Children need nothing more than a pile of leaves to remind them how to be kids again.  Do you have a sulky or moody pre-teen?  Those hormones are no match for a pile of leaves!  Little feet race across the yard and leap into the sea of colors sending leaves in every direction and giggles fill the air as the next set of little feet begin their journey across the yard.  Nothing beats hearing my 4 year old yell “Canon Ball!”  as he tucks his legs in tightly to his chest and disappears into the leaves only to come back up moments later, laughing, and usually spitting out little bits of leaf that snuck into his mouth as the smile that he was unable to contain became a full on belly laugh.   We make leaf angels too … much like snow angels but much more forgiving and you don’t wind up with a wet or cold backside, well, at least most of the time!

I snap picture after picture as quickly as I can, hoping beyond hope that I can somehow save this moment…. somehow keep them from getting older and no longer wanting to jump into the leaves with reckless abandon.  Before I can stop myself the camera is tossed to the wayside and I am in the leaves as well.  There are leaves being thrown at each other, leaves raining down as they are tossed in the sky and leaves being pushed down each others shirts…. and their is laughter.  The crackle of the leaves in drowned out only by the pure joy that I hear pouring from my brood of men.  I am laughing too.

I can only hope that they remember me being in the leaves with them.   I want to be the kind of mom that wades out into the lake in the middle of September just because I can’t resist the waves! I want to be the kind of mom that jumps into the pile of leaves or snow just because of the joy that it brings me!  I want to be the kind of mom that dances in the rain just because I love the feel of the grass and the mud between my toes.  I hope that my kids grow up to never lose sight of the little things.  I hope they grow up and continue to cherish that part of them that does those things too!  Maybe, just maybe, if they grow up watching their mom still act like a child sometimes then they too will grow up to act like a child sometimes as well!

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